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Scenario for Employee Self-Service

This scenario provides an example of processes performed by a Human Resources department administrator and Human Resources representatives. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.


The Human Resources administrator for a financial organization spends a lot of time entering information collected on employee transaction forms into the company's databases. Because the administrator designs and administers the forms for the HR department, she receives queries from employees uncertain about which fields in the forms are relevant to the particular transaction. She also notes that some users complete too many fields in the form, and others leave required fields uncompleted, which results in the forms being returned to the employees for amplification.

To resolve these problems, the HR administrator uses Employee Self-Service to implement a process that can handle personnel actions, which include changes in the employee's business title, division, position, manager, location, and so on. In this example, the Personnel Action Form (PAF), is available preconfigured in Employee Self-Service. The personnel action form is typically used by managers to request changes for a person reporting to them or for a prospective report.


A manager at the organization wants to promote one of her direct reports. She logs in to her Siebel application and navigates to the HelpDesk, which provides a link to the Employee Self-Service forms library. She finds the link for the Personnel Action Form (PAF), and reviews the screens, and adds information when necessary. She submits the form, which is automatically routed for approval.


The organization's approvers—line managers, HR representatives, and functional groups—must accept the employee change before it can be implemented.

When the final approval is acquired, the Siebel ERM application sends the updated data to the appropriate systems.


The promoted employee logs in to the Siebel application. The employee navigates to his employee profile and sees that his title has changed.

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