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Designing Employee Self-Service Requestor Forms

The Employee Self-Service Requestor Form is used by a manager or an employee to request a change in employment information. The change might be a personnel action such as a promotion, or a change to an employee's marital status. Requestor forms are grouped in the Forms Library, which is accessible from the HelpDesk home page.

As an administrator, you can use Siebel SmartScripts to define the requestor forms used within your application. Before you define a form, verify that the following requirements are met:

  • You are familiar with Siebel application user interface standards.
  • You are familiar with Siebel SmartScript. For more information on SmartScript, see Siebel SmartScript Administration Guide.
  • If you are planning advanced scripting initiatives, you are familiar with Siebel Visual Basic or Siebel eScript programming and have an understanding of your company's Siebel application installation.
  • If the script is run in multiple languages, you have access to translations of script elements for each language.

Before You Begin

Before you create an Employee Self-Service requestor form, perform the following tasks:

  1. Map out the form. Design on paper the requestor form you want to create. Use the flow diagram example shown in Figure 14 to determine the pages to include within your form (SmartScript), and the questions you want to include in each page.
  2. Create Questions and Pages. Before you actually create a form, create the questions and pages used in the form. For information on creating questions and pages, see Siebel SmartScript Administration Guide.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Employee Self-Service.

To create a form for a requestor

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - SmartScript > Scripts.
  2. In the Scripts list, add a new record and complete the fields.
    1. In the Type field, select Employee Self-Service.

      SmartScripts that are set to the Employee Self-Service type automatically appear in the Forms Library. When creating a form in a language other than English, choose the type that corresponds to Employee Self-Service.

    2. In the First Page field, select the first page you created for the form.
  3. Click the Designer view tab, and using the Script Flow Chart, insert questions and pages as needed from the set that you previously created.
  4. Release the script, test it, and, if necessary, make changes and rerelease the script.
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