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Approving and Declining Submitted Performance Reviews

After an employee completes a self-assessment, the employee submits the review to a manager who then reviews the employees achievements against objectives. The manager add comments to the self assessment, provides a rating, and then approves or declines the review.

In a multitiered organization, if the manager accepts the review, it is automatically moved to the next-level manager for approval. In some organizations, multiple managerial reviews are not required, and an approved review is returned to the employee for review, discussion, and acknowledgement.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Objectives and Reviews.

To accept or decline a submitted review

  1. Navigate to the Performance Management Dashboard.
  2. In the My Reports list, select the employee and click the Review Status link.

    The status of the review should be Employee Submitted or Manager in Progress.

  3. On the Review page, click the Objectives view tab to view the employee's objectives.
  4. For each objective listed, add your comments in the manager results textbox and assign a rating in the rating field.
  5. (Optional) If your company decides to use the skills component on a review, a manager can click the Skills view tab, and add skills.

    The skills profile is updated with new skills and skill levels when the review is completed.

  6. Click the Summary tab.

    The calculated rating from all the individual scores entered for each objectives appears.

  7. Using the calculated rating score as a reference, enter the final rating for the employee in the overall rating field.
  8. Click the Comments view tab, and then add overall review comments.
  9. Click Approve or Decline.

    After the review is approved, the manager's comments are released for employee viewing.

    If the review is declined, the manager's comments are not visible to the employee. The employee must resubmit the review to the manager after revision.

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