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Adding Performance Assessments During the Cycle (End User)

Managers and employees do not need to wait to the end of the performance cycle to begin entering performance assessment comments for objectives.

Immediately after a new objective is created, the comments field is available for employees and managers to start detailing progress and entering other objective-related information. The comments remain private until an employee submits the review to the manager. At this point, the employee comments are visible to the manager but the manager's comments are not yet visible to the employee.

For example, an employee might have an objective that requires completing a project by a certain date. As soon as the employee meets the objective, the employee can navigate to the objective and enter details about the achievement. When the company-mandated self-assessment period begins, the employee can add any remaining details in the up-to-date self-assessment.

At the same time, managers can also add their own notes on performance by direct reports during the performance cycle. When the review process begins, managers who have routinely recorded achievements by direct reports have the data they need to do the assessment.

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