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Creating Objectives Templates

Objectives Templates allow organizations to create and distribute predefined objectives. Employees whose review definitions include a review component with an objectives template automatically inherit the predefined objectives.

Objectives templates should only be used for Individual Objectives and Shared Objectives review component types.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Objectives and Reviews.

To create an objectives template

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - Performance Management > Review Configuration.
  2. From the visibility filter, select Review Components.
  3. In the Review Components list select the review component, and then click the Objectives Templates view tab.

    NOTE:  Objectives templates should only be created for Individual Objectives 1-5 or Shared Objectives 1-5 type review components. Individual Objectives can be edited by the employee. Shared Objectives are not editable by the employee.

  4. In the Objectives Templates list, add a new record, and then complete the fields.

    The total weight for all objectives must equal 100 percent.

    The following table describes the fields in the objectives template record.



    The name of the objective template.


    The template description.


    The sequence of the objective.


    The weight of the objective.

    Weights for an objective template with a review component type Shared Objective should always add up to 100 percent.

  5. When you have finished defining the objectives template, save the template.
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