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Example eScript for Summary Form

The following script is used by summary forms.

function Script_Open ()


var PageFirstPage;

var QuestLastName;

var szLastName = "";

var szScriptSessionId = "";

var boCallScripts;

var bcCSRunAnswer;

// Get the handles to the page and the questions

PageFirstPage = GetPage ("PAF Summary");

QuestLastName = PageFirstPage.GetQuestion ("PAF Summary Employee Last Name");

// Set all the questions read-only

QuestLastName.SetQuestionEnable (false);

// Get the script session run id

szScriptSessionId = GetParameter ("Session.ScriptSessionId");

// Get the "Call Scripts" busobj and "Call Script Run Answers" buscomp

boCallScripts = TheApplication().GetBusObject ("Call Scripts");

bcCSRunAnswer = boCallScripts.GetBusComp("Call Script Run Answers");

// Query for the employee's last name

with (bcCSRunAnswer)


SetViewMode (AllView);

ClearToQuery ();

ActivateField ("Run Id");

ActivateField ("Page Name");

ActivateField ("Question Name" );

ActivateField ("Answer Text" );

SetSearchSpec ("Run Id", szScriptSessionId);

SetSearchSpec ("Page Name", "PAF Which Change");

SetSearchSpec ("Question Name", "Display Employee Last Name");

ExecuteQuery (ForwardOnly);

if (FirstRecord () != 0)

szLastName = GetFieldValue ("Answer Text");


bcCSRunAnswer = null;

boCallScripts = null;

// Set the values of each question by the scripting

QuestLastName.SetCurrentValue (szLastName);



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