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About Siebel Forecasting

Siebel Forecasting allows customers to manage their revenues across each channel and to take periodic forecast snapshots of those revenues as they mature. The Revenues screen and views allow for straightforward pipeline management. They allow a sales professional, sales manager, or sales executive to retrieve revenue information in real time. The Forecasts screen is used to create new forecasts, snapshots of live revenue records, and then analyze and evaluate those saved forecasts over time.

The total forecast process encompasses a range of activities across many organizations. Also, the business requirements, and the approaches to forecasting can vary dramatically from time-to-time and division-to-division. While forecasting may only involve a simple query in some companies, it can be a planning process in other companies. Forecasting may be very high level in some organizations, and very detailed in other organizations. For example, for some organizations, margin is a critical element of forecasting. For other organizations, it is revenue that matters, or the quantity of a product to be built, the quantity of product to be shipped, the monthly bookings, or the quarterly billings. Siebel Forecasting can address a wide range of forecasting requirements.

NOTE:  The relationship between forecast items and revenue items is a many-to-many relationship. Siebel Tools provides a link representing this relationship: "Forecast 2000 -- Forecast Item Detail Flat/Revenue". This link can be used to retrieve revenue data from forecast items.

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