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About Revenues

The Revenues screen provides users with a convenient place to perform updates for important information. It offers managers and sales professionals a useful, cumulative view of the business across a range of revenue records.

Forecasts are simply snapshots in time of revenue data. It is recommended that revenue information be updated on a regular basis during the course of normal business activities. This provides the application with the information that managers and executives need when they are ready to review revenues or create forecasts.

End users can add and analyze revenue data from the Revenues view in a number of screens including, Opportunities, Accounts, Projects, Partners, Products, Contacts, and Agreements.

TIP:   To guarantee forecast consistency, make modifications to revenue records rather than adjusting a forecast. Forecasts are based on current revenue data. Adjustments to forecast records are not replicated in subsequent forecasts, resulting in extra work as the same items are adjusted week after week. Choose Update Revenue Item from the menu button in the Forecasts screen to make sure key adjustments in forecasts are updated in the live revenues.

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