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About the Matrixed Sales Organization

A sales team may consist of individuals from many organizations, groups, and divisions. The team typically includes an account manager or field sales professional, a telesales professional, a sales consultant, a product specialist, and an industry specialist. These individuals may report to different managers, each of whom need visibility into the business pipeline.

By default, a manager has visibility, through the My Team's views, into every opportunity, account, and contact a subordinate can access. For example, with the My Team's Opportunities view, a manager can see every opportunity on which one of their subordinates is primary.

Therefore, the primary sales representative's manager has visibility into the subordinates' opportunities through the My Team's view. The other managers (overlay managers such as the telesales professional's manager or the product specialist's manager) need another way to see these opportunities and revenues.

In this instance, you can use one of the following methods to provide visibility:

  • Change the visibility of the My Team's Opportunities view
  • Use the My Team's Revenues view
  • Use the All and All Across Organizations views
  • Add overlay managers to the sales team
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