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Adding Forecast Series Organizations

The Forecast Series Organizations view lists the organizations who will participate in the forecast series. It is useful when you are creating a forecast for a large set of participants. Like the Forecast Series Participants view, the organization determines whether an employee can create a forecast within a given series.

To add an organization to a series

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Forecast screen > Forecast Administration view.
  2. In the Forecast Series list, select a forecast series.
  3. Click the Forecast Series Organizations view tab and add a new record.
  4. In the Add Organization dialog box, select the organization you want to add, and then click OK.

    The new organization is added to the Forecast Series Organizations list. Note that the forecast series' Public Access check box is now selected.

NOTE:  Organization-defined forecasts do not use auto-forecast as this could cause confusion in very large organizations. Because auto-forecast is not enabled for organization-defined forecasts, make sure that your forecast series process allows that end users create their own forecasts or that managers create and add absentee forecasts when appropriate.

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