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Product Level Forecasting

Often end users need product level forecasts for demand planning (product and quantities), revenue management (price and revenue), margin management (cost and margin analysis), operations planning (inventory and demand) and product marketing decisions (product mix, discount analysis, and pricing strategies).

Forecast Requirements

Need to associate multiple products to one opportunity or account; need the ability to auto-quote from opportunity revenues; need spreadsheet-like functionality to manage recurring revenue products or milestone-based product deliveries; need the ability to add product price, quantity, cost and margin; and need to see product hierarchy.

Administrator Usage Scenario

The administrator defines a product forecast series. The Auto Forecast Search Spec is set as follows: [Product] IS NOT NULL and [Calculated Primary Flag] = 'N'. This search pulls product revenue line items that have a product indicated into the forecast.

End User Revenue Scenario

  • Create a new opportunity or account.
  • Associate and create product revenue line items using the New Record command, revenue scripts, or revenue plans.
  • Use the revenue list or spreadsheet views to edit and maintain product revenues. Add values in the following fields: Qty, Cost, Margin, Price, and Product Line.
  • Use revenue charts and reports to graphically display data and to perform ad hoc analysis. For example, create charts and reports with parameters of:
    • Quantity by product line by month


    • Margin by product by quarter

End User Forecast Scenario

  • Create a product forecast.
  • In the Details view, use the spreadsheet and chart views to evaluate and adjust product revenues.
  • Uses forecast detail filters to see details by product.
  • Use charts and reports to perform analysis.
  • Submit the forecast.

NOTE:  To rollup total quantity, the administrator needs to expose the quantity rollup in the total forecast. This is a simple configuration procedure.

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