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Worst, Expected, Best (WEB) Forecasting

Sometimes there is a need for WEB analysis to evaluate the current state of business and to better allocate sales resources. WEB analysis examines the values in the following fields: Worst Case, Expected Revenues, and Best Case.

Forecast Requirements

Company wants to evaluate each opportunity, product revenue, or service revenue using WEB analysis.

Administrator Usage Scenario

The administrator defines a WEB forecast series. The Worst Case, Expected Revenue, and Best Case data is preconfigured to be pulled into the forecast.

End User Revenue Scenario

  • Create a new opportunity or account and associate the Worst Case, Expected Revenue, and Best Case values to the opportunity revenue or the associated product revenue.

End User Forecast Scenario

  • Create a new WEB forecast which automatically pulls in the correct revenues with their WEB data and rolls up that data into a WEB.
  • Adjust and submit forecast.
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