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Configuring List Applets for the Handheld Client

You configure list applets and list columns for Siebel Handheld applications the same way you configure them for other Siebel applications.

Recommended Strategy for Configuring List Applets

The recommended strategy when configuring the Siebel Handheld Client is to use the list applets for record navigation and to rely on form applets to provide the record details.

The following are additional guidelines to follow when designing list applets:

  • Configure specific list applets for your Siebel Handheld application, rather than reusing Siebel Web Client list applets.
  • Remove all but the essential list columns. Because there is limited screen area to display list columns, omit all unnecessary columns to minimize horizontal scrolling.

    You may either remove the columns from the application or set the Show in List property on the column to FALSE.These two methods are different in the following ways. If the columns are removed from the application, these data won't be downloaded to the handheld device, which keeps the handheld data and a minimum and, in turn, optimizes synchronization performance. If the Show in List property on the column is set to FALSE, the data is still downloaded to the device but is not shown by default. This second approach, though without the synchronization optimization benefit, does allow convenience for the user who wants to customize visible columns. You should take these concerns into account when setting up users.

  • Reorder the remaining list columns so that the most frequently used columns are furthest to the left.
  • Reduce the default width of the list columns so that more columns can be viewed at one time.
  • Use hyperlinks to ease navigation by enabling users to drill into a form applet.

These changes can minimize the amount of horizontal scrolling and column reordering that users must do. Limiting the number of list columns to those that are essential minimizes the amount of data downloaded to the device, resulting in faster synchronization times and more economical use of device memory.

NOTE:  All required fields on form and list applets appear with an asterisk (*). If an administrator specifies that a field is required, the field appears with an asterisk in the user interface.

Use Siebel Tools to modify, or rearrange List Columns. For more information on the List Column options, see Configuring Siebel eBusiness Applications.

You may make columns available, but not visible by default, by setting the Show In List property of the column to FALSE. From the Siebel Handheld application, you can make the columns visible from the View > Columns Displayed menu option. In order for the change to be reflected in the application, you must compile the application and synchronize with the handheld device. In addition, you must delete the \Program Files\Siebel Handheld\siebel.ssf file on the handheld. If this file is not deleted, the change to the Show In List parameter is not reflected in the application.

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