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About Siebel Handheld Synchronization Performance and Scalability

There are a number of factors that affect the performance and scalability of handheld synchronization. It is very important that administrators and those involved in the design and deployment of Siebel Handheld understand the impact of usage parameters on synchronization performance and scalability. For more information, see Technical Note 405, Siebel Handheld Synchronization for application-specific variables affecting synchronization and data from synchronization scalability tests.

Using Multiple Synchronization Servers

As you scale your deployment, you may need to use multiple synchronization servers to accommodate all of your users. Your end users must be manually assigned to a particular server. Resonate products cannot be used for load balancing. Refer to Technical Note 405, Siebel Handheld Synchronization and to your hardware manufacturer's documentation for more information on scaling deployments.

Synchronization Security

The synchronization data stream can be secured using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

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