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Siebel Services

You may wish to consult experts who have experience designing and configuring handheld applications, and who are knowledgeable about optimizing the performance of the applications.

Siebel Professional Services

To make deployment planning and implementation successful, Siebel Handheld customers are encouraged to engage the Siebel Mobile eBusiness Competency group. The Siebel Professional Services team has developed a Siebel Handheld Quickstart solution which defines the strategy, approach, and roadmap for successful Siebel Handheld deployments. Working directly with experienced handheld experts from the Mobile eBusiness Competency, customers can develop a complete deployment strategy, approach, and roadmap to facilitate their handheld implementation in a short time period.

Siebel Expert Services

All Siebel Systems customers should work with Siebel Expert Services to conduct detailed configuration and hardware sizing reviews. This helps customers make sure they have implemented the most effective and efficient solutions possible. Siebel Handheld customers benefit by making sure Siebel Handheld applications are configured according to best practices and that server environments are properly designed.

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