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Use SQLTrace for diagnostic purposes if you encounter serious configuration errors or performance problems and cannot otherwise diagnose the problem. The problem may quickly become apparent in the log entries from SQL tracing.

To enable SQL tracing

  1. Log into srvrmgr from a (m:\siebel\bin\w32ud) prompt.
  2. Run: change evtloglvl ObjMgrSqlLog=4 for comp [OMName], where [OMName] = the OM name (for example, <ApplicationName>CEObjMgr_enu).
  3. Log enties are written to <OMName>ObjMgr_enu as described in Log Files.

    NOTE:  SQL tracing only logs SQL statements for one user at time. SqlTrace is applied to the first user who synchronizes after tracing is enabled.

    CAUTION:  When SQL tracing is enabled, synchronization is severely and adversely affected. Therefore, it is recommended that you turn SQL tracing on for a limited time to diagnose a specific problem, then turn SQL tracing off.

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