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Using Companion Synchronization with the Handheld Client

End users that synchronize their data using Companion Sync must follow a three-step process to synchronize their handheld, remote, and server databases. Immediately before and after every Siebel Remote sync, you must perform a Companion Sync. This process can be time consuming for the end user and difficult for the administrator to enforce.

Integrated Sync eliminates the need for you to initiate three separate sync sessions for each Siebel Remote sync. Integrated Sync is a one-button process that automatically initiates each of the following synchronization steps:

  1. Handheld Upload and Processing—Handheld transactions are uploaded to the companion PC and processed.
  2. Siebel Remote Synchronization—The Siebel Mobile Client is synchronized with Siebel server. Transactions on the mobile client database are uploaded to Siebel server, and changes to Siebel server are downloaded to the mobile client database.

NOTE:  If there is a handheld patch staged on the server, synchronization terminates and the patch is installed. After the patch installation is completed, the handheld user is prompted to synchronize again (using either Integrated Sync or Companion Sync) to complete the data extraction and download (that is, Step 3). It is critical that the handheld user synchronize a second time after the patch installation is completed. If he fails to do so, he is not able to start the Siebel Handheld application.

  1. Handheld Data Extract and Download—Data is extracted from the mobile client database to the handheld device database.

You may use Companion Sync to synchronize your handheld with Siebel Mobile Client as many times as you wish between Integrated Sync sessions. However, it is recommended that you conduct Integrated Sync sessions frequently so that the Siebel Remote synchronization process does not take long periods of time to complete and update conflicts are minimized.

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