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Synchronization Troubleshooting with the Siebel Handheld Client

This section lists potential error messages that are associated with synchronization. In addition, this section explains how to fix transaction errors.

General Synchronization Errors

There are a number of different errors that can occur when synchronization does not complete successfully, for example:

  • Faulty wire connection
  • Server crash
  • Insufficient memory
  • Login error

When these errors occur, the user should exit Siebel Handheld Sync and launch the application again.

NOTE:  When you restart Siebel Handheld Sync, you may see an error message that says that another instance of syncmanager.exe is running. You are asked whether you want to terminate the first instance or not, and you should choose Yes.

Transaction Conflicts

Transaction conflicts are minimized when customers adhere to the standard configuration practices outlined in this document. However, even when proper configuration practices are followed, conflicts can occur for a variety of reasons. For example, if a field value is updated on both the handheld client and the server between synchronization events, a transaction update conflict occurs. In this instance, the user is presented with an error dialog after synchronization has completed.

A transaction consists of one or more smaller transactions called mini-transactions. For example, if you update several fields in a record, the update to the record counts as a single transaction, and each update to a field is a mini-transaction. The Siebel Handheld application behaves in the same way as the Siebel Web application in that if any part of the transaction fails, the entire transaction fails. Assume, for example, that you update four fields in a record. If, during synchronization, three fields update correctly and one field fails to be updated, none of the fields in the record is updated.

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