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About Creating Opportunities in Sales Handheld

Each time you identify an opportunity, you should create a new record.

To create an opportunity

  1. Navigate to the Opportunities screen.

    The My Opportunities list appears.

  2. Tap the New Record button, and enter a name in the Name field.
  3. From the Show drop-down list, choose More Info and complete additional fields.

    The following table describes some fields in the Opportunities - More Info form.



    A required value that identifies the opportunity.


    Allows you to associate an opportunity with an account.


    A text area for additional information about the opportunity.


    A default value that populates automatically when you associate the opportunity to a specific account and location.


    Displays the primary Sales Team member for the opportunity. To associate the opportunity with one or more team members, navigate to the Opportunity > Sales Team view (if configured).


    Revenue. Allows you to enter the currency amount of the opportunity. This field defaults to zero.

    Probability %

    Allows you to enter the percentage of confidence you have that the deal will close with the specified revenue on the specified close date. Probability automatically updates based on the Sales Method and Sales Stage selected.

    Expected Value

    Displays a currency value that is calculated based on the potential revenue field multiplied by the value in the probability field. A lower percent in the probability field reduces the expected value that will be included in your revenue forecast.

    Close Date

    A required field that allows you to enter the expected date on which the opportunity will close. The default date is the same as the Created Date. It is important to modify the date, if the opportunity will close on a different date, since this date is used in revenue forecasting.

    Lead Quality

    A list of values established by your company that allows you to rank the quality of the lead. Default values include 1-Excellent, 2-Very High, 3-High, 4-Fair, 5-Poor.

    Sales Method

    A list of values established by your company that list the sales methodologies. For more information, see About Sales Methods in Sales Handheld.

    Sales Stage

    A list of values established by your company that lists the sales stages associated with the sales method you selected.

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