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Splitting the DDL Job

In HLQ.SIEBEL.INST.SCHEMA.SCH on your DB2 host there are members to execute the install DDL. You can create the DDL as one job or break it into several jobs:

  • SCHDDL. Create all of the DDL objects as one job.
  • Create the DDL as several jobs:
    • DB. Create database statements
    • TS. Create table-space statements
    • TB. Create table and index statements
    • GRANT. All grant statements

In the HLQ.SIEBEL.INST.SCHEMA.SCH data set, the JCL to execute the DDL as one job is:


The JCL to create the DDL as several jobs is as follows. These commands must be run in the order shown:





Editing the Member JCL Files

First edit the DBJCL JCL file. After editing the DBJCL JCL file, repeat the following instructions on the remaining JCL files.

To edit the member JCL files

  1. Enter the letter e to the left of the DBJCL JCL file and press ENTER.
  2. Edit job card parameters in each file, for example:


    Enter an asterisk (*) to the left of the TYPRUN parameter.

  3. Enter submit on the command line to submit the job.
  4. Repeat these steps on the next JCL file.
After you have edited all the JCL files and submitted the jobs, check the job status to make sure that no errors occurred.
Implementing Siebel eBusiness Applications on DB2 UDB for z/OS and OS/390