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Vendor Tasks

When you launch a marketing campaign, the generated output list is automatically sent to the specified vendor using the vendor's preferred distribution method and communications protocol (File Transfer Protocol, email, and so on).

Before creating a vendor record, make sure the following tasks have been performed:

  • Create Export List Formats. Ask your vendor what format they prefer for the automatically generated distribution lists. For example, do they want the list to contain a header or do they prefer ASCII (default) or fixed-width output. Then, create an output file layout tailored to the vendor's preferences.

    You will be asked to provide the default export list format when creating the vendor profile. For details, see Designing Marketing List Formats.

  • Determine Distribution Method and Create Distribution Profile. As you are creating the vendor record, you will need to select a distribution method and a distribution (communications) profile for the method. Set up distribution profiles that reflect each vendor's requirements.

    For example, if your vendor prefers to receive list files using File Transfer Protocol (FTP), you would need to set up a communications profile for that vendor containing information about HostName, IP Address, Password, and so on. Communications profiles are set up using the Communications Administration screen's Communications Drivers and Profiles view.

    If the list files will be sent to the vendor attached to email, set up a communications profile for email, and verify that the vendor contact has provided an email address. For more details, see Defining Distribution Profiles for Vendors.

    If someone in your marketing department will be receiving the distribution list, rather than an outside vendor, a vendor record and communications profile that includes the team member's email address should be set up.

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