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Previewing a Marketing List Format

You can preview the layout of a list format using the Preview tab. To preview the file you provide some test parameters for any system data expression or Segments that are used to constrain the contents of the list.

To preview a list format

  1. Using one of the following methods, navigate to the List Designer start page:
    • In the Siebel Marketing application, from the Site Map, choose Administration - Marketing > List Formats.
    • If you log in to the Marketing module directly, click the Marketing screen tab and then click Create a List Format.
  2. In the List Format Designer, select the format that you want to preview.
  3. Click the Preview tab.
  4. Verify that the Destination Folder Path points to the location where you want to save the preview file.
  5. In the List Parameters area, click Add.
  6. Type a test values for a Segment and/or System Data expression you have used in the format. If you have used multiple System Data, you can click Add more than once.
  7. To generate a preview list of a few records, click Generate Preview.
  8. Type the number of records you want in the preview.
  9. To generate a complete file of all qualifying records, click Generate List File.
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