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Maintaining Attributes for List Records

Prospects have a predefined set of information fields standard in the application. These are the standard types of information about your prospects that normally include address, phone number, email address, and so on. These values are defined in Siebel Tools under the Prospect Business Component.

If the list you want to import has attributes not contained in the standard Siebel prospect table, you can create additional attributes to capture the data. After they are created, additional attributes appear on the list of available columns that can be mapped in the List Import view.

An additional attribute can contain any type of information, as long as it can be contained in a single field and can relate directly to the prospect record. For example, additional attributes might include hobbies, special contact information (for example, pager #), product interests, survey responses, or demographic attributes.

Creating Additional Attributes for List Records

In order to make an additional attribute available during list mapping, you must first make sure your desired attribute exists and then associate the attribute with the specific list.

To create additional attributes

  1. Navigate to the List Management screen > Additional Attributes view.
  2. In the Additional Attributes list, create a new record.
  3. In the Additional Attribute field, type the name of the new attribute.

    You can create the overall attribute type, such as Hobby or Pager #.

  4. Type a description for the additional attribute, if needed.

Adding Additional Attributes to a List

After you create the additional attributes needed to capture all the data in the list you want to import, you must add them to your specific prospect list and map them to one of the List Import columns.

To add additional attributes to a list

  1. Navigate to the List Management screen > Lists view.
  2. Drill down on the list name.
  3. Click the List Additional Attributes view tab.
  4. In the List Additional Attributes list, create a new record.
  5. In the Pick Additional Attribute dialog box, select the attribute, and click OK.
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