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Configuring a User Agent for the Siebel Mobile Connector Applications

The XML Web Interface requires that a user agent be configured to identify the application. A user agent could be a Web browser or a third-party application. The user agent is denoted in the HTTP header information in XML documents sent to the XML Web Interface when third-party applications send requests to SWE.

Using the Web Browser Administration screen, you may set up the user agent and its capabilities within the Siebel application. This screen is not available within the Siebel Mobile Connector application, but is available within a core Siebel eBusiness application such as Siebel Sales. Web browser capabilities identify what an end user's browser or application can and cannot do within the Siebel Web Engine.

The Siebel Mobile Connector requires that you set the capability Voice Application or Mobile Application of the browser you want to use to TRUE. This is necessary to call the GetSMCUpdate method.

To set the VoiceApplication capability to TRUE

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Web Browser Administration > Browsers.
  2. On the Browsers screen, query for or add the browser to be used by the application.

    For example, query for the Web browser version that your client application will be running (for example, enter IE 5.5) and select the Web browser version. If you want to add a browser instead of querying for a listed browser, click New and enter the browser's name and description.

  3. Click the Capabilities tab.
  4. In the Capabilities form, click New record.
  5. In the Capability Name search field, enter VoiceApplication and click Go.
  6. Upon retrieving VoiceApplication, click OK.

    NOTE:  Although this may seem to indicate only voice applications may use this capability, this is not the case. The system does not check to see what type of application is actually connecting, only that its browser type and this capability have been registered.

  7. Click Edit to edit the Capability Value field, and then enter TRUE.
  8. Save the record.

    By stepping off the record, an implicit save will occur, or select Save from the drop-down list to explicitly save the record.

  9. Click New to add the User-Agent Capability (refer to the preceding steps).
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  10. Click Edit to add the User-Agent capability value, and then save the record.

    The value that you input here must be used in the header of the XML query that will be passed to the Siebel Web Engine.

  11. Restart the Siebel Server.
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