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Configuring Alerts

Before you can use the Alert Business Service, you must specify a transport mechanism, as described in Configuring the smcalert.cfg File. This section provides instructions and an example for configuring alerts.

NOTE:  You can also create alerts directly with the Siebel Business Process Administration Screen. For more information, see Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide.

To import and activate a workflow

  1. Using the Reference Configuration Sample, subscribe to an alert and save your subscription.

    For example, using the Reference Configuration Sample, check the Subscribe for Alert (Push) Service checkbox on the subscription configuration screen for a screen that contains the field you want to receive an alert for.

  2. Generate the workflows based on your subscriptions.
  3. Using the Siebel application, navigate to Site Map > Business Process Administration > Workflow Processes.
  4. From the menu, select the Import Workflow option.
  5. Browse to the directory where the Siebel Mobile Connector XML workflow file is located (for example, CompanyName_Account_Account_Name_NewValue).
  6. Using the Workflow Designer, double-click on the Submit Message option (the third step).
  7. Change the argument for Alert Transport to EAI HTTP Transport and save your changes.
  8. From the menu, select Activate.

To deactivate a workflow

  • Navigate to the workflow in the Siebel application and select it. Then choose Deactivate from the menu.
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