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LoadSubscription gets the application definition and loads a subscription from a file. Subscriptions contain all the necessary metadata for generating style sheets or workflows. Do not directly call this method; instead call it from InvokeMethod.


ErrCode LoadSubscription (const CCFPropertySet & inputArgs,

CCFPropertySet & outputArgs);



The input arguments.


FILE_NAME = '%full_path_to_filename%'. Pass the full path of a filename for an XML file conforming to the DTD for subscriptions. For a definition of the XML file, see DTD for Subscriptions.


The output arguments.


SUCCESS=' '%success%'='TRUE'

XML_DEF='%string_of_XML%'. For a definition describing the outbound XML document, see DTD for Application Definition.


ErrCode. TRUE indicates success; FALSE indicates failure.


InvokeMethod(SStext("LoadSubscription"), inputs, outputs);

The following is an example of the output arguments:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?><?Siebel-Property-Set EscapeNames="false"?>

<APPLICATION NodeId="Siebel Mobile Connector" PushSelectValue="FALSE" SubscribeForUpdate="FALSE" Name="Siebel Mobile Connector" SubscribeForUI="FALSE" UpdateSelectValue="FALSE" UISelectValue="FALSE" SubscribeForPush="FALSE">


<CONTROL Table="" Type="FT_BUTTON" SubscribeForUpdate="FALSE" NodeId="Siebel Mobile Connector_SMC Account Screen_SMC Account Detail - Opportunities View_Account Form Applet_GotoPreviousSet" PushSelectValue="FALSE" Display_Name="Previous" Name="GotoPreviousSet" Field="" SubscribeForUI="TRUE" UISelectValue="FALSE" SubscribeForPush="FALSE"></CONTROL></APPLET></VIEW></SCREEN></APPLICATION>

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