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Converting a Quote to an Order (End User)

A customer working through the Web converts a quote to an order by retrieving a quote from My Quotes and transferring it to the shopping cart. This removes the quote from My Quotes.

If the quote has not expired, the items in the quote are transferred to the shopping cart and the check out process starts. If the quote has expired, eSales does the following:

  • Verifies that the shopping cart is empty. If not, eSales presents the contents of the shopping cart to the user. The user can cancel the process, save the shopping cart, or discard the shopping cart.
  • If the shopping cart is empty, has been discarded, or has been saved, the quote is transferred to the shopping cart. Prices are recalculated. Siebel eSales removes items that are no longer available from the quote.

To convert a quote to an order

  1. Log in to eSales and click My Account.
  2. In the My Information list, click My Quotes.
  3. In the My Quotes list, select the quote.

    In the Quote view, verify that the quote contains all the items that you need, and that customizable items are configured correctly.

  4. Click Order.

    If the quote contains items that will be shipped, the Shipping Information view appears for you to select the shipping address.

    If you have not yet set up a payment method, the Payment Method view appears.

    NOTE:  To delete the quote instead of converting it to an order, click Delete.

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