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Customizing an Item (End User)

Customers working through the Web can customize items by selecting item components and attributes in a configuration session. To start a configuration session, the user clicks Customize. When the user exits the configuration session, the configuration is transferred to the shopping cart.

NOTE:  Only Customer products can be customized.

If the quantity of a configurable item is greater than one when the user starts a configuration session, the configuration is applied to each of the configurable items. For example, a user adds a configurable Residential Phone Service Package to the shopping cart, enters 4 in the Qty field, and clicks Customize. The configuration is applied to all 4 of the Residential Phone Service Packages.

A Configurator license is required to configure items with components.

To customize an item

  1. Navigate to the Catalog screen.
  2. In the Items list, click Customize

    Selection pages appear showing configurable components and attributes.

  3. In each category, select the component and enter a quantity (if applicable).

    If a component has configurable attributes, an icon appears in the Customize column.

  4. Click the icon to configure the attributes for the component.

    If you select combinations of components or quantities that are incompatible, a configuration message displays and presents alternatives.

  5. After configuring the item, click Save.
  6. When you are finished, click Done.

    You are returned to the Shopping Cart.

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