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Creating a Quote for a New Network

After adding records for all the locations of network nodes, the salesperson can create a Quote record for the new network. Later, all the components of the new network will be attached to this Quote record.

For more information about creating a quote, see Siebel Order Management Guide.

This task is a step in Process of Ordering New Networks.

To create a quote for a new network

  1. Navigate to the Customer Portal view.
  2. In the Installed Assets list, click New.

    If your account type is not Residential, the Line Item view of the Quotes screen appears.

  3. In the Quote header form, click the More button.
  4. In the Network field, type a name for the new Network.

    This field automatically defaults to the Quote number. Instead, you should enter a descriptive name. This value will be used as the key that will link together components of the network, and so it will be used as the default for the Network field for all line items added to the Quote.

  5. In the Line Items list, click Add Item.
  6. In the Pick Products dialog box:
    1. Select a product of the Network Element Type, Network.

      For example, this might be a Frame Relay.

    2. Set the quantity to 1.
    3. Click OK.

      One line item record is added to the quote.

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