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Setting Up Premises

This is optional. It automatically populates fields when the salesperson captures the customer's network locations or creates the customer's network. When creating a network node a salesperson will enter the locations Service Address, and the application populates the LATA, CLLI, and other fields based on what you enter when you set up premises.

NOTE:  This data can also be entered by the end user in the Address Profile view of the Accounts screen.

To set up premises

  1. Navigation to the Administration - Data screen.
  2. On the link bar, click Premises.
  3. In the Premises list, add a new record.
  4. In the More Info form, click the More button.
  5. Fill out the necessary information in the record and More Info form. Some fields are described in the following table.


    Enter the area code and first three digits of the telephone number for this location.


    Enter the Common Language Location Identifier (CLLI) code. This standard is used primarily in the United States.


    Enter the Local Access and Transport Area (LATA). This is a term used in the United States defining a geographic area overed by a local telephone carrier.

    Rate Center

    Enter the rate center. A rate center is a geographic area that contains one or more particular NPA/NXX codes. A rate center helps determine the cost of to/from traffic between two points.

    Local Operating Company

    Select the local telecommunications service provider. The dialog box displays all accounts where Wireline Operating Company is in the Account Type field.

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