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Adding Items to a Shopping Cart (Standard Partner Commerce)

Standard Partner end users can add items to the shopping cart in several ways:

  • By selecting items from a catalog
  • By selecting items saved to Favorites
  • By choosing an item from Recommended items
  • By using Quick Add to specify an item
  • By retrieving a stored quote
  • By retrieving a quote template

When the user adds and item to the shopping cart from a catalog, the user remains in the catalog view and the item is displayed in the Last Item Added area.

If there are items in the shopping cart when the user exits the session, these items remain in the shopping cart when the user next logs in.

Users do not have to log in before adding items to the shopping cart. However, users must log in to convert the shopping cart contents into an order or to save the shopping cart as a quote or quote template.

There are two types of shopping cart pricing:

  • Non-recurring charge (NRC). This price is charged only once. Items such as hardware or one-time installation charges are examples.
  • Monthly recurring charge (MRC). This price is charged on a subscription basis such as once of a week or once a month. The time period is specified in the unit of measure (UoM) field. Monthly telephone line service charges are an example.

Separate totals are maintained for each price type.

This task uses the workflow CUT eSales - Modify Products and Services Process, which is described in Workflows to Modify Products and Installed Assets.

To add items to a shopping cart from a catalog

  1. Log in to the Partner Portal and click the Product Catalog tab.
  2. In the Browse list, click on the catalog that you need.

    The catalog screen displays all the items in the catalog.

  3. To see related items and literature for an item, click the item name.

    A view appears that shows item information. This view lists related items and literature. In this view, you can also perform the following tasks:

    • Enter an item quantity.
    • Click Customize to select components and attributes.
    • Click Add to Favorites to add this item to your Favorites list.
    • Click Change Items Attributes (simple products).
  4. In the Catalog Items list, enter the quantity of the item in the Qty field of the item you want.
  5. Click the Add Item button adjacent to the item name.

    This adds the item to the shopping cart. The Last Item Added display updates to display the item name, number of line items in the shopping cart and total price of all items in the shopping cart.

  6. In the real-time Shopping Cart, click View Details.

    The screen shows the Shopping Cart form with the item that you selected, and also a Recommended Items form listing other items that you may need.

  7. Verify that the items you selected display correctly.

The following table describes some of these shopping cart fields.


Line #

The Siebel application assigns a number to each line item. If an item has components, a file folder displays in this field. Click on the file folder to see the item's components.


Item name. Click the item name to see additional information about the product, including product literature and related products.


Quantity of the item. Click in this field to revise the quantity.

MRC Subtotal

Monthly recurring charge (MRC) subtotal for this item.

NRC Subtotal

Non-recurring charge (NRC) subtotal for this item.


Product attributes.


Action codes.


Unit of measurement (per month, year, quarter).


Comments from the Pricer.

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