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About Siebel Clients

A Siebel client is a computer that operates Siebel eBusiness Applications, accessing data and services by way of one or more servers. The Siebel clients allow users to access information managed by Siebel applications. All Siebel deployments include one or more of the Siebel client types. You can deploy a mixture of clients.

The Siebel eBusiness Applications client type covered in this book is the Siebel Web Client. This client runs in a standard third-party browser on the end user's client computer, and does not require any additional persistent software installed on the client.

Using HTTP, the browser connects to a Web server over a WAN, LAN, or VPN, or over the Internet. Through the Web server, the Siebel client connects to an Application Object Manager (AOM) component on a Siebel Server, which executes Siebel application business logic and accesses data. Data is accessed from the Siebel Database and may also be accessed from other data sources using virtual business components and a variety of integration methods.

Only the user interface layer of the Siebel eBusiness Applications architecture resides on the client computer.

For more information about the Siebel Web Client and other client types, and about supported browsers and browser settings, see Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using and other applicable documents on the Siebel Bookshelf.

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