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Tuning System Components

Overall end user performance is affected by the processing on the client as well as by everything from the Web server to the Siebel Database Server and back. Explore all applicable areas for opportunities to improve overall performance.

Most performance tuning involving Siebel Server components should focus on the AOM. For more information, see Tuning the Siebel Application Object Manager for Performance.

You can use Siebel ARM to monitor transactions through the Siebel infrastructure. Note areas which require substantial time and resources, and investigate them further for tuning opportunities.

For example, a custom configuration may have resulted in an unintendedly complex SQL statement for which the database instance has not been optimized. Small configuration adjustments in Siebel Tools, or database tuning, may improve both client performance and application scalability on Siebel Servers.

For more information about Siebel ARM, see Monitoring Siebel Application Performance.

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