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Best Practices for Session Communications Tuning

Using your hardware resources optimally, and configuring your system appropriately, can help you to achieve your performance goals. You should consider your resources and requirements carefully, and test and monitor system performance on a continual basis.

Review information presented in Siebel Communications Server Administration Guide, Siebel System Administration Guide, Siebel CTI Connect or relevant third-party documentation, and other sources.

Activities you perform to achieve performance and scalability goals may include, but are not limited to, the following:

To maintain an optimally performing system over time, you must plan for changes in the volume of incoming communications, number of users, and so on. Verify that your CTI middleware can support an anticipated increase in the volume of incoming communications and in the number of users. Then additional hardware may be required to run more AOM components and CommSessionMgr components to support the increase in volume of communications and in number of users.

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