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Guidelines for Using Snapshot Mode

Observe the following guidelines for using Snapshot Mode:

  • For information about the ways customizable products in the Snapshot Mode cache can be refreshed, see Refreshing Snapshot Mode Cache Elements.
  • If the customizable product development environment and the production environment are on the same machine, and Snapshot Mode is turned on, the product administrator may need to refresh the Snapshot Mode cache frequently to see changes during development. Doing so also refreshes the Snapshot Mode cache for production users.
  • When a customizable product contains rules that have start or end dates, the arrival of these dates does not cause the revised declarative portion of the product to be loaded into the Snapshot Mode cache. You must refresh the cache manually on the effective date to load the revised declarative portion of the product.

    NOTE:  If a customizable product does not have configuration rules, then the Worker (and the Worker cache) does not apply to this product.

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