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Determining Rough Sizing for Caching Parameters

To help you determine how to set the Snapshot Mode caching parameters, a general suggestion is to measure the incremental memory required for a customizable product.

Requirements for Model Manager and Worker caching are more relevant than those for object caching. Object caching has a small requirement, and applies to multiple users. Model Manager caching applies to multiple users (using the same customizable product). Worker caching also applies to multiple users.

You can try this on a Siebel Dedicated Web Client (a Mobile Web Client using a dedicated database connection) by checking the memory used by the siebel.exe process before and after you click Customize for a customizable product included in a quote or order, and again after you have further configured the customizable product (to reach maximum likely memory usage).

For example, X may be the before-loading memory size, Y may be the after-loading size, and Z may be the memory size after additional product configuration.

Of the incremental memory observed, consider the following breakdown:

  • The size of a Model Manager for a customizable product is about 25% of the incremental memory required to instantiate the product (that is, 25% of Y - X).
  • The size of a Worker for a customizable product varies during runtime, generally increasing as user selections are made. This size may be approximated by subtracting the Model Manager size from the total incremental memory required for instantiating and configuring the product (that is, subtracting the Model Manager size from Z - X).
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