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Additional Parameters Affecting AOM Performance

This section provides guidelines for setting additional parameters that affect AOM performance.

  • MemProtection. Setting the MemProtection parameter to FALSE for your AOM component may improve performance.

    When this parameter is TRUE (the default), each transaction issues a large number of serialized mprotect statements, the total effect of which may degrade performance on your Siebel Server machines.

    The MemProtection parameter is hidden and must be set using the command-line version of the Siebel Server Manager, as shown:

    change param MemProtection=False for comp component_alias_name server siebel_server_name


    component_alias_name is the alias name of the AOM component you are configuring, such as SCCObjMgr_deu for the German version of Call Center Object Manager.

    siebel_server_name is the name of the Siebel Server for which you are configuring the component.

  • DSPreFetchSize and DSMaxCursorSize. These parameters should be set only for Siebel implementations on IBM DB2 UDB for z/OS and OS/390. For more information on setting these parameters, see Implementing Siebel eBusiness Applications on DB2 UDB for z/OS and OS/390.

    For all other databases, these parameters should be set to -1.

  • EnableCDA. If an AOM component does not need to support Siebel Advisor or browser-based Siebel Configurator, set this parameter to FALSE in the [SWE] section of the application configuration file, such as uagent.cfg for Siebel Call Center.
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