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Migrating Modified Applets and Views

In Siebel 7, the Siebel Web Client replaced the clients of previous versions. The Siebel Web Client runs in a browser and does not require any software installed on a user's machine. During the upgrade process all standard Siebel applets and views are upgraded to support the Siebel 7 Web Client framework. However, modifications made to 5.x or 6.x applets and views are not migrated as part of the upgrade process. Migrate these modifications to the new version using the Web Client Migration Wizard.

The following types of 5.x and 6.x user-interface objects must be migrated to the Siebel 7 Web Client:

  • New applets
  • New views
  • Modified applets (applets to which you have added or deleted controls or list columns)
  • Modified views (views to which you have added or deleted applets)

For detailed information about migrating user interface elements to the Siebel 7 Web Client, see the Upgrade Guide for the operating system you are using.

Take the following measures to more easily migrate your custom applets and views:

  • Simplify your user interface design, because fewer customizations take less effort to upgrade.
  • Avoid trying achieve the exact look and feel of the previous Siebel application to avoid extensive customization.
  • Compare your 5.x or 6.x applets and views to Siebel 7 model applets and views to determine if you need to make modifications. For example, you might need to add applets to the model view or map additional controls to the model list applets.
  • Test the wizards before running them against an entire repository.
  • Plan for additional configuration of list applets that have many list columns.
  • Plan for post-migration configuration of new or modified form applets. The level of effort is based on the number of new or modified form applets and on the number of custom controls on the applets.
  • After using the Web Client Migration Wizard, review each applet or view using the Web layout editor in Siebel Tools to determine if they have the desired layout. Make changes as appropriate.
  • Allocate time to gather feedback about the user interface from business users. The objective of the configuration effort is to optimize the user interface to meet user requirements.
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