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Migrating EIM Interfaces

Siebel data model changes that occur during an upgrade affect EIM behavior. To prepare interface tables for EIM data loading, use the UTLEIMDIFF utility to identify differences in all interface tables between two repositories. For more information, see Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager Administration Guide.

Use the following best practices for your EIM interface migration.

  • Look for the following changes in user keys:
    • Additions to the number of columns in keys (for example, the POSITION_ID in EIM_ACCOUNT has two additional columns, POSTN_BU and POSTN_LOC, as part of the user keys).
    • A total change of user keys (for example, EIM_CONTACT).
  • Make provisions for the S_PARTY table and related user keys. Be careful when you populate EIM tables, because S_PARTY is a required table in Siebel 7.
  • Make sure that all EIM tables connected to S_PARTY do not have duplicate user keys in the same batch.
  • Plan to convert all 5.x or 6.x datetime columns to UTC columns during an upgrade to Siebel 7.
  • Verify that all database parameters are appropriately set. Typically, the database parameters required for upgrade are not sufficient for data migration. See Upgrade Guide for your operating systems for required database parameters.
Planning an Upgrade to Siebel 7