This guide provides an overview of best practices for planning upgrade resources, estimating the upgrade timeline, and managing the data migration process.

This guide does not provide detailed information or step-by-step instructions for upgrading your Siebel applications. For that type of information, see the Upgrade Guide for the operating system you are using.

Although job titles and duties at your company may differ from those listed in the following table, the audience for this guide consists primarily of employees in these categories:

Project Mangers

Persons responsible for planning and managing implementation projects.

Database Administrators

Persons who administer the database system, including data loading, system monitoring, backup and recovery, space allocation and sizing, and user account management.

Siebel Application Administrators

Persons responsible for planning, setting up, and maintaining Siebel applications.

Siebel Application Developers

Persons who plan, implement, configure, and add new functionality to Siebel applications.

Siebel System Administrators

Persons responsible for the whole system, including installing, maintaining, and upgrading Siebel applications.

Siebel Architect

Persons responsible for designing the overall system architecture, including identifying hardware requirements and sizing guidelines.

Planning an Upgrade to Siebel 7