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Defining a UI Property

A UI property is a named variable and its value. UI properties modify the display of an item in a customizable product. You define a UI property by selecting the desired item in a customizable product and then defining one or more UI properties for it.

There are two types of UI properties: predefined and user-defined. Predefined UI properties, such as Hide, are Siebel-provided UI properties that perform special functions. User-defined UI properties are those that you define and then insert into a Web template to control the display characteristics of an item.

After you define a UI property, you can verify your work by validating the customizable product. Validating a customizable product displays the selection pages a user sees during a configuration session. To validate the customizable product, from the Item Display Properties menu, choose Validate.

To define a UI property for a customizable product

  1. Select and lock the desired customizable product.
  2. From the Customizable Product Show menu, choose User Interface Property Designer.

    The User Interface Property Designer view appears.

  3. In the box displaying the contents of the customizable product, click the name of the item for which you want to define a UI property.
  4. In Item Display Properties, click New.

    A new record appears.

  5. Fill out the record.
    • Name. Enter the name of the UI property variable. The variable can be predefined or user-defined.
    • Value. Enter a value for the variable. The value can be predefined or user-defined
  6. Click Save to save the new record.

    Records are not saved automatically when you step off the record.

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