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Creating an Attribute Value Constraint

You can constrain the records that display in the pick applet based on the value of an attribute in the selection pages. The attribute value is used to create a search specification that matches the attribute value to the value in a field in the business component that populates the pick applet.

For example, you define an attribute called Account Name. In a configuration session, the user selects Hewlett Packard from the pick applet you have defined for this attribute. You have also created an attribute called Address. You have defined a pickmap for this attribute that constrains the display of addresses to those belonging to the value of the Account Name attribute, which is Hewlett Packard. The pick applet for Address would display only those addresses for Hewlett Packard.

You create an attribute value constraint in the same way as creating a business component constraint. The only difference is that for Field you specify the attribute name rather than a buscomp.fieldname in the pickmap definition. Using the example above, you would enter Field="Account Name".

NOTE:  If the attribute you specify to constrain the pick applet does not have an attribute value, the pick applet will contain no records.

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