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Associating Attributes with a Product

To associate attributes with a product, you assign the product to a class or subclass. A product inherits all the attributes of the class or subclass to which it is assigned. You cannot assign attributes directly to a product.

For example, a subclass has six attributes. Three of these are defined on the subclass, and three are inherited from a parent class. When you assign a product to this subclass, the product inherits all six attributes.

To associate attributes with a product

  1. Navigate to Product Administration.
  2. Select the desired Product.
  3. Click in the Class field to display the select button. Then click the select button to open the Pick Class dialog box.
  4. In the Pick Class dialog box, select the desired class.

    The class name is added to the product record.

  5. Save the product record.
  6. In the More Info Show menu, choose Dynamic Attributes.

    The Dynamic Attributes list appears. This list displays all the product's attributes.

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