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Changing the Hidden or Required Settings for a Product

When you define an attribute at the class level, you can set the attribute to be hidden or required. Hidden attributes do not display in the Quote, Order, Agreement, or Asset views. Required attributes are those where the user must select a value for the attribute. The value of the attribute cannot be blank.

Attribute definitions propagate automatically to all the products that belong to the product class. However, you can change the Hidden flag and the Required flag settings for an attribute at the product level. This lets you manage the hidden or required settings for attributes product by product.

You can use the hidden setting to simplify your product class system. For example, if a product class has 8 attributes and a product has 7 of these attributes, you can put the product in this class and hide the eighth attribute. You do not have to create a special subclass with 7 attributes for the product.

To change the hidden or required settings for a product

  1. Navigate to Product Administration.
  2. Select the desired product.
  3. From the More Info Show menu, choose Dynamic Attributes.

    The Dynamic Attributes list appears. This list displays all the product's attributes inherited from its class or subclass.

  4. Select the desired attribute and click in either the Required or Hidden field.

    This adds a check mark to the field, or removes the check mark if one is present.

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