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Editing a List of Values Definition for a Product Attribute

You can edit all the fields in a list of values definition. These changes propagate to all the locations where the list of values is assigned. When editing a list of values record, keep in mind the following effects:

  • If you edit the Type (name), this changes the list of values to which the record belongs. In the user interface, this means the item moves from one list of values menu to another.
  • If you edit any fields besides Type, the changes affect only the list of values to which the record belongs. For example, the list of values Color has three records. The display names are Red, Green, Blue. You change the display value for the first record from Red to Purple. For each attribute to which the list of values is assigned, the list of values is now Purple, Green, Blue.

When modifying a list of values record, observe the following guidelines:

  • Display Value. Edit this field to change the name of a menu item in the list of values.
  • Language Name. Edit this field to change the language in which the item displays. The language name for all records in a list of values should be the same.
  • Order. Edit this field to change the order in which the values are displayed in the drop-down menu the user sees. Assign 1 to the record you want to display first in the menu, 2 to the second record, and so on.
  • Active. Removing the check mark from this field, removes the record from the list of values. Use this option to temporarily change the number of items in a list of values.
  • Translate. Put a check mark in this field in order to translate the menu item to the language specified in Language Name.

Several other fields are also included in the record used to define a list of values record. These fields are not meaningful for product management or pricing management.

NOTE:  Do not edit LOVs of type CFG_RULE_TYPE. This will disrupt the function of the Rule Designer.

To edit a list of values definition

  1. Navigate to Application Administration > Class Administration.
  2. In the Classes list, query for the desired class.
  3. In the Dynamic Attributes list, select the attribute for which you want to edit LOV values.
  4. Click the LOV name hyperlink in the LOV Type field.

    A view appears that contains the product class LOV types that were defined in this view. This view does not display LOV types that were defined in
    Application Administration > List of Values view.

  5. In List of Values-Type, query for the desired list of values name.

    The values defined for the list of values name display in the area below List of Values.

  6. Edit the list of values records as desired and click OK.

    You must log out and log back in to see the changes you have made in attributes to which the LOV is assigned.

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