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Setting Up User Access

User access means whether or not the user can select a product for a quote or whether the user sees the catalog or category containing the product in an eSales Web page.

The catalog administrator creates product catalogs, which contain product categories. The catalog administrator sets up access controls by assigning access groups to the catalog and to the categories.

The product administrator sets up user access to products, by assigning products to catalogs and categories. You can assign a product to more than one category, and thus more than one catalog. If the user belongs to a category's access group, a catalog's access group, or both, then the user can see the category in eSales Web pages. The user can also add the category's products to quotes.

Until you assign a product to at least one category, the product does not display in the following places:

  • Pick Product dialog box used to add products to a quote. This means the product cannot be added to a quote.
  • eSales Web pages. This means users cannot purchase the product.
  • Products > All Products Across Catalogs

When creating customizable products, it is important that users have access permission for the customizable product and all its components. You accomplish this by first assigning the customizable product and its components to the same product category or to categories that have the same access groups. Then you assign users who will configure the product to these access groups. If the users in the access groups differ across components, these users will not be able to configure the customizable product correctly.

The recommended method for assigning users to access groups is to assign the users to organizations and then assign the organizations to the access groups.

To set up user access

  1. Navigate to Product Administration.
  2. Select the desired product.
  3. From the More Info Show menu, choose Category.
  4. Click New to add a new category record.

    A dialog box appears that lists all the currently defined categories.

  5. Select a category from the dialog box.
  6. Add additional categories as needed by creating new records.
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