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Creating Product Features

Products frequently share common features, such as size or data transfer rate. You create a list of these product features in Application Administration > Product Features. The features you create are added to a features picklist.

You assign features to products in the Application Administration > Product Key Features by selecting a product and then choosing the desired features from the features picklist.

Product features and product attributes are similar concepts. They both describe characteristics of the product that are of interest to customers. A product feature describes important characteristics of a product, particularly those that differentiate the product. For example, you sell a type of office chair that has aluminum construction. Your competitors sell the same office chair with steel construction. Aluminum construction is an important feature of the office chair because it differentiates the chair from your competitors. It is also a static feature and is not configurable. All of your customers who purchase this office chair get aluminum construction.

An attribute is a characteristic of a product that is configurable when creating a quote or purchasing the product. For example, the office chair fabric comes in one of three colors. Color is an attribute of the office chair because the user can choose the color at the time of purchase.

To create product features

  1. Navigate to Application Administration > Product Features.
  2. In Product Features, add a new record.
  3. Fill in the following fields.

    Feature. The name of the product feature.

    Product Line. Allows you to associate a product line with the product feature.

    Description. A brief description of the feature.

  4. Save the record.
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