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Adding Product News

Product news is information about a product, typically FAQs and service bulletins. You associate news with products in Product Administration > Product News.

Product news is not the same as product literature. Literature is associated with products in the Product Literature view under Product Administration.

To add a news item to a product

  1. Navigate to Product Administration.
  2. Select a product to which you want to add a news item.
  3. From the More Info Show menu, choose Product News.

    News items for the product appear.

  4. In Product News, add a new record.

    The Pick Product News dialog box appears. To read the first few lines of a news item in the dialog box, place your cursor over it.

  5. Select the desired news item.

    The news item appears under Product News with its title under the Solution field and the solution type set to Product News.

  6. Edit the record as needed by clicking in the desired field.
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