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Editing a Product Record

You can change the content of any of the fields in a product record. Changing the class to which a product is assigned can change the attributes the product inherits. If the product's attributes change, you must revise all customizable products in which the product is component. Verify that no configuration rules or scripts refer to attributes the product no longer has.

Observe the following guidelines for editing product records.

  • Product. If you change the name of the product, you must revise all customizable products in which it is a component. Also revise configuration rules, UI design, and scripts that refer to the product.
  • Class Product. This field designates a customizable product as a template. All products in the same product class inherit the customizable product's structure. Putting a check mark in this field or removing the check mark can greatly affect all the products in the product class. See Release and Manage Customizable Products for more information about working with class products. Class products are not orderable.

To edit a product record

  1. Navigate to Product Administration.
  2. Select the desired Product.
  3. Click in the desired field in Products to edit the record, or edit the desired field in the More Info form.

    To see all the fields in the product definition click the show more button in More Info.

  4. Save the record.
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