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Exporting Product Records for Display

You can export product records in several formats for display.

For example, you can download files in comma-separated format for display in Microsoft Excel. The supported formats are as follows:

  • Tab delimited file
  • Comma separated file (csv format for use with spreadsheets like Excel)
  • HTML file
  • A file with delimiters you specify

You can request all the rows in the current query or only the highlighted rows. You can request all columns or only the currently visible columns. Currently visible columns are those you have selected for display in the Columns Displayed form.

When you export a customizable product or bundle for display, only the root-level product record is exported. The structure of the customizable product or bundle is not exported.

NOTE:  This procedure exports only product records for use in other display mediums such as spreadsheets. This procedure does not export the structure of a product or any other information contained in records related to the product record. To export product structures and other information in XML format for use by other applications, see Exporting and Importing Products.

To export product records for display

  1. Navigate to Product Administration.
  2. Highlight the products you want to export.
  3. Verify that the columns displayed are those you want to export.

    To add or subtract columns, from the Products menu, choose Columns Displayed.

  4. To export the product records for display, from the Products menu, choose "Export..."

    Do not click Export Product. This will export the product information in XML format for use by other applications.

    The File Download dialog box appears.

  5. Follow the instructions in the File Download dialog box to save the file.
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